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Selection and function of high temperature resistant pigments

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Pigments not only play a role in coloring in high temperature resistant pigments, but also can reinforce the binder. Common pigments are mostly inorganic compounds such as titanium dioxide, carbon black, iron oxide red, chrome green, ultramarine blue, and chromium. Huang et al., organic pigments toluidine red, indigo blue and indigo green are also very stable pigments.

  Pigments not only play a role in coloring in high temperature resistant pigments, but also can reinforce the binder. Common pigments are mostly inorganic compounds such as titanium dioxide, carbon black, iron oxide red, chrome green, ultramarine blue, and chromium. Huang et al., organic pigments toluidine red, indigo blue and indigo green are also very stable pigments.

  Carbon black is the most commonly used pigment in high temperature resistant paints. It has a reinforcing effect on most rubber bases. It can greatly improve the physical and mechanical properties of the base without any compounding agent. This shows the base material and carbon black. There is only a physical process of lubricating and dispersing the package, and there are chemical bonds in the joint, so that the strength of the base material is increased. High temperature pigment clay, talc powder, diatomaceous earth and the like can be used as fillers for high temperature protective coatings.

  The filler can improve the process performance of the binder, improve the heat resistance, wear resistance and chemical resistance of the coating. At the same time, the filler is cheap, the cost of the coating can be reduced, and the tensile strength and physical and mechanical properties of the coating can be improved. pigment