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Essential for the choice of pigments

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Essential for the choice of pigments

  It is well known that durable glass prints are mostly used for the decoration of durable articles such as home appliances, furniture, building materials, etc. The printed pattern must ensure that it does not discolor or be destroyed during the life cycle of the article. Therefore, glass prints are required to have good durability. However, since glass is an inorganic material that is difficult to adhere to, the organic resin for screen printing inks is difficult to meet the above requirements for adhesion, particularly water resistance and light resistance. The resins and pigments used in glass printing inks must be specially designed and screened for various long-term resistance tests. Among them, the recommended pigments can be referred to Yingxi environmentally friendly inorganic pigment copper chrome black 2808.

  On the other hand, it is worth noting that some new environmental regulations in Europe have put forward new requirements for the testing of toys and packaging, mainly because the restrictions on heavy metals have increased from 8 to 19, and the use of 66 allergenic fragrances is clearly limited. This signal mainly puts forward higher requirements for domestic paint and glass ink manufacturers, and is also crucial for the selection of pigments. The choice of environmentally friendly, non-toxic, high temperature, weather resistant and chemical resistant pigments has become the cornerstone of the rapid development of enterprises. It is gratifying that China's glass ink industry has invested a certain degree of attention in the environmental performance of ink products, and gradually shifted from a single focus on production costs to products that are more environmentally friendly. This also shows that China's ink manufacturing industry is actively engaged in international integration and expanding overseas markets.