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Make the world more beautiful and colorful

Scientific and technological innovation, continuous improvement, striving for the world's high-quality pigment company!

"Xianqiao" pigment facing the world

The products are suitable for paint, ink, plastic products, paint printing paste and other industries.

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Penglai Xinguang Pigment Chemical Co., Ltd., specializing in production of pigments, is located in Penglai, Shandong, which is known as “Fairyland on Earth”. It covers an area of 120,000m2, and has a total of more than 350 employees including 63 persons with college degree or above and 30 professional engineering technicians. With a pigment chemical institute, the company continuously develops new products and puts them on the market, realizing the annual productivity of 20,000 tons of pigments which are divided into five classes and fall into more than fifty assortments. Its products are applicable for coatings, ink, plastic products, coating printing and other industries. The company has a self-support import & export right, with 60% of its products exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other regions.

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The company was founded


Floor Area

350 +

Existing staff

20000 Ton

Annual production capacity

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