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January 2019

Yake Changbai Ganquan marries CCTV5 channel to open a new height of sports marketing!

With "5" as a companion, wonderful bloom. Yake Changbai Ganquan officially joined hands with CCTV5 channel to become the designated mineral water cooperation brand for the channel's wonderful events!

May 2019

Yake's four major business units launched a combined attack, appeared at the 2019 China Food Exhibition, and paid attention to reaching a new high!

June 2019

Yake Changbai Ganquan won the "Nobel Prize in Food Industry"-Monte Prize Gold Award!

July 2019

"Sweet Yake, Celebrate China" The three grand meetings of the 2019 Yake All-Series Product Order Meeting ended successfully, setting a new record and creating another glory!

December 2019

The 5th Yake Sweet City Sale Officially Opened





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