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March 2004

The company hired Beijing Zhengbang Design Company to redesign the enterprise VI.

June 2004

The company hired Li Yongbo, the head coach of the badminton team, as the company's image spokesperson, and went to Xinjiang with Zhou Xun in June 2004 to shoot the Olympic commercials "Drumming" and "Cheering".

April 2004

Yake (China) Co., Ltd. site foundation.

June 2004

Yake (China) Limited is incorporated in Hong Kong.

July 2004

The company hired Hong Kong youth group TWINS to endorse DI Da DI candy.

July 2004

Filming the Yake DI click DI commercial film "tap dance".

August 2004

The launch of Yake DI's new product with the theme of "Heart Without Boundary, Dream Unlimited" was successfully held in Xiamen.





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