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March 2015

The product created by Yake for spokesperson TFBOYS-small fresh jelly ice cream jelly, a creative cross-border product, aroused heated discussion in the industry after its appearance at the 2015 spring sugar and wine party! The double eating method of "normal temperature is jelly, frozen like ice cream" will become a new fashion.

July 2015

Yake Changbai Ganquan Changbai Mountain Factory Main Body Completed.

Yake Changbai Ganquan Industrial Park has recently completed the main construction project of the first phase of the plan. The main body of the first phase covers an area of 12 hectares and a construction area of 80000 square meters.

December 2015

The official opening of the Yake Sweet Sale!

Yake headquarters year-end welfare special sale, factory direct sales, triggering a wave of new year's goods!





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