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April 2017

Yake Changbai Ganquan Sponsors China's Three National Olympic Legions

Yake Changbai Ganquan sponsored China's national gymnastics team, fencing team and sailing team, and continued the group's consistent support for China's sports cause, and started a new journey together with the three major Olympic teams!

July 2017

"Sweet Yake, Happy China" 2017 All-Series Product Ordering Meeting

From July 16 to 26, the Yake full-line product ordering meeting was held in the three main markets of "North, East and South". Thousands of merchants gathered to create a win-win situation and win the future!

November 2017

"Sweet Yake, Happy New Year" New Year Festival Orders Will Be Successfully Concluded

From November 11 to 21, Xi 'an, Hefei, Changsha, Chengdu, Changchun and Jinjiang will have six conferences and six grand occasions to launch new year's products! Yake and partners hand in hand to fight the Spring Festival!

December 2017

Yake Health Division was formally established

The Great Health Division is in charge of the Yake V9 brand and creates a new Yake V9!





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